Why join us?


Coffeeprint Agent is a program for graphic designers, photographers, freelancers, marketers and others who create and sell printed materials.

As a reseller, you save time and work on your design. We do the printing and ship directly to your client or your doorstep absolutely free of charge for designated areas. All products and packages are 100% unbranded.

Sign up with us today to start your own business or expand your revenue stream!


  • Up to 50% off all products and quantities.
  • Free shipping across Peninsular Malaysia
  • Unbranded products and packaging
  • Customer support and training
What happens after I join Coffeeprint Agent?

Your benefits are effective immediately after approval, so you can start saving right away. And keep an eye out, we’ll send along some information to help you make the most of your membership.

Will my clients know I use Coffeeprint?

All the products you purchase from Coffeeprint and ship directly to customers are unbranded and delivered in standardised packaging. Both of you may check the delivery status online via courier partner portal. (unless otherwise specified)

Will Coffeeprint contact my clients?

No. We definitely never contact your customer.

Where can get help and training?

Our Customer Care Team works diligently with all member. Just send us an e-mail or live chat Mon. – Fri., 8am – 8pm, and Sat. & Sun., 8am – 6pm. Malaysia time zone.

From time to time, our trainer will conduct training across Malaysia on design, software, sales, finance and more. Please check your e-mail for the latest update and development.

I have many products to order, can I get a special quote?

Sure. However, we advise each Agent to use our website to order for the best experience to track order and records. You can contact us to request for quote to place a bulk order.

How do I cancel my membership?

RM149 annual membership paid is credited to your account for the purchase. It is non-cancellable once subscribed. Membership will be terminated after 12 months if you decided not to pay for the subsequent year.

What is included as a Coffeeprint Agent benefit?

As an Agent, all the products pricing will be hidden from your homepage. You will find the price of the product after choosing the right specifications you need.

This discount is either up to 40% off, or the daily sitewide discount, whichever is greater. We always ensure you benefit from the biggest discount available on the day of your order. For example, if there is a sitewide sale of 50% off, you receive this higher discount, but not a combination of sitewide discount plus Agent discount.

Can I combine my Coffeeprint Agent discount (up to 50%) with other Coffeeprint offers and promotions for normal user?

We can’t add a sitewide sale or product-category discount to your Coffeeprint Agent discount (up to 50%), but we will apply the highest discount available on the day of your order.

Your Coffeeprint Agent discount cannot be combined with other offers or promotions that give you a discount on your total order. For example, you can’t apply a coupon code that takes an additional 20% off your total order. However, auto-loaded discount coupons or offers that provide you with a cheaper delivery rate remain active in addition to your Coffeeprint Agent discount.